Protect our urls

How protect our json data url from http canary app? Or from same methods? I have converted mysql data into json and retrieving data from it.

How protect it when calling data url using web component?

Trie store encrypted data first, when web component got text, decrypts the text obtained

Can you show an example?

I’m sorry i post only an idea.
Read documentation to start

With this you can encrypt data and decrypt data.

I know about this component. But don’t know when want to encrypt and decrypt.

Here some examples how to use kodular component or extension.

Or Tiziano1960 extension

I suggest you create a new project to understand how it works. Then you can implement it in your main project.
I hope this help you.


Is it works only on Oreo&Up Android versions?

Encrypt the url If i call an url, and when decrypt it?

OK. Think in this. You have store encripted link in server. With web component you can get content encripted. After got text decript link and do you whant to do

Can I call encrypted url with web component without storing url in server. Then How do it?

You can’t do that. I’m sorry i think you need protect your json file

Yes I Need to protect json file

Maybe with my example you can understand my idea.
Store encrypted file in server
You know inside of txt you can store anything.
Sure any can access the link “https://…/test.txt”, but nobody can’t read the encrypted file
When web component got text decrypt file.
In that way you don’t need hidden url only the content.

Sorry for my english. I’m sure you will understand my idea now.

But how to encrypt the url first? Sorry for asking this kind of questions. Because i don’t know much about encryption and descryt

Don’t worry. I have proposed another solution to your problem and it can be difficult to understand.
Start again avoid more confusion.
You have a json file store in server ?
or where the file is located

I have a php file in my server. It converts the mysql data as json data. If I call the the url i will get all data in json format.

OK, if you encrypt php it would not be the solution. only your app can decrypt the php file ?

Yes. I want to decrypt data from app not from server

OK my post with picture solved your problem.
Only to user app.
Take it as an example

How to decode the content without encoding it?