Protect the application from install not from the Play Store

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For all this to work and display, you need to add a call block like this.IMG_20191217_232014_844

Thanks for helping other people by making an guide!


  1. It is always better to don’t post direct links of extensions if you are not a owner of these extensions. You must refer the extension by adding a external content link which created/made by extension owner. Otherwise, people might think you made these extensions. :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. It is not needed to use NewToast extension, Kodular already has component called Notifier which allows to send toast. :wink:


I did not say that I created these extensions. I just added them immediately to the post so that people would not have to search later.

I know, but adding an external link of the related extension topic would be more good, as it has detailed block descriptions and allows the extension owner to be recognized well in commmunities.

It is mostly/exactly like giving credit to author.

Respect to the labour


Also, I’m pretty sure we have an inbuilt block to check if the app was installed from Google Play​:thinking:.


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