Publishing status: Rejected

Publishing status: Rejected

Issue: Violation of Permissions policy

After reviewing your app, we found that it doesn’t qualify to use the requested permissions for the following reason(s):

Based on our review, we found your app’s expressed user experience did not match your declared core functionality Default Phone handler (and any other core functionality usage while default handler). Please remove these permissions from your app.

Default handler capability was listed on your declaration form, but your app does not appear to have default handler capability. Please submit a revised declaration form.

What can i do for the app published? Please help me!

If you distribute your app on Google Play Store and want to access sensitive user information related to call logs and SMS messages, your app needs to be registered as the user’s default handler for the core device function related to that permission, unless your app satisfies an exception case. And, App rejected!


Now what do I do?

You’ve to remove Call Log and/or SMS Message related permissions.

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But with my app, people will call for blood collection and call the phone number.

Are you using extension or Component for this?

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No extension i use kodular phone call components

Use these blocks. These open your default sms and phone handler.


When i use this block in my aia and then upload on play store then they are not create any problem. I use kodular phone call components for call any person.

I used those block in one of my apps made in another builder. Never had a problem.


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