Qr decode extension offline problem

how to edit .aix extension …

i’m using a free aix file that auto generate a file path as /storage/…

i want to make user fully pick the path from image picker >>

sorry for my english

welcome to community, as far i know you cant edit aix file, if developer provides you code source of aix then you can.

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But why you want to edit aix file???
Your question is also not clear.


If you have knowledge of java then you write your own aix or extension


Also if you do find a way, make sure you have their permission. Some licences don’t allow you to edit. You could try turning .aix to .zip and unzipping it.


This extension requires a path to read QR image …

I use a image picker that captures the entire path (/storage/elumated/0/…)

But in this extension, the path is its beginning given by default (/storage/elumated/0) … And I do not want this I want a image picker to control the full path

This requires deleting the default path in those

Just ask @vknow360 to add this feature for you.


i can’t mention him because i’m a new user

Actually most of the AI components of storage category use relative path so it is necessary for extension developers to use relative path instead of absolute path.
But you can replace external storage directory path from absolute path and use in the extension.

P.S. this is going to be off-topic.you should ask questions or doubts in specific topic.


@vknow360 [quote=“vknow360, post:9, topic:55759”]
But you can replace external storage directory path from absolute path and use in the extension.

how to do this ?

for example : i used image picker to pick image from ( SD CARD ) ? , how to do that plz ?

Just replace /storage/emulated/0



Sorry for my many questions …

But how can I replace it as it is generated from extension .

For example, if you picked image from the main memory without any modifications by me, the path will be like this …


and if i replaced /storage/emulated/0 the path will be like this … /storage/emulated/0/QR.png

and i will not can replace it this time …

** sorry for my english **



Which component are you using?
Path should be like this:
/storage/emulated/0/QR.png unless you will pick file from
/storage/emulated/0/storage/emulated/0/ folder.

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@vknow360 I’m used your .aia …

when i tried to pick image from SD card by image picker , the result will be like that >>

path is : /storage/emulated/0/storage/D08E-901D/1.jpg

and when i tried to write the path manually >>

path is : /storage/emulated/0/D08E-901D/1.jpg

in this case , i need to delete “0” that be after emulated .

how can i to do that , plz ?

try using /qr.png

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@vknow360 i tried , and it worked …

but it worked because the qr.png in main storage not in sd card >>

i only want to decode images from sd card not from main storage

Try typing that

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Can you tell me path of file?

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