Qr decode extension offline problem

@vknow360 ok i will do it now .

@Boban i just need to decode qr image from sd card , but the extension auto generate this path " /storage/emulated/0 " and added it to any other path . and this is the problem .

The only thing I can think of is that you have space in the segment block

@vknow360 see your inbox plz …

Looking at this, it seem to have space in it

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@Boban no it have not any spaces >>

i will send to you the aia also , can i do that ?

Your aia doesn’t tell me much however, may I ask do you have folders named

  • storage
  • emulated
  • 0

if so the code above wont work

That’s why a suggested this so we can see your path

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ok i will do it now

@Boban @vknow360

see that plz , the first label is the image path

and the second label is the final path

in this case we need to delete /0/storage

Unfamiliar with that path is your phone rooted

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@Boban my phone is not rooted…

The problem in the extension because it have a defult path in thier source… Do you understand me?

what happens when you use /1.jpg as path?

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noting because this will search in main storage…
But the image in sd card not in the main storage…

Do you know! If i tried /1.jpg
The path will be like that : /storage/emulated/0/1.jpg

And this is right… If was the file in main storage…
But the file in sd card, that is mean the path will be : /storage/emulated/sdcard/1.jpg

That is required from you @vknow360 to delete " /0 " from your extension source… Plz…

Do you understand me?

Are you even able to load image from that path in a image component

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I only want from you @Boban @vknow360 to understand that the problem from extension not blocks…

The extension dont allow to decode images from sd card

any Solution, plz ?

i want to delete /0 from extension defult path

@Boban @vknow360 @DevYB @Peter @Taifun

Why don’t you temporarily copy the file to /storage/emulated/0 and delete it from the directory once done reading the QR code?

@Vishwas i want to make app make user can pick qr code from sd card and main storage

afaik the image picker is only able to pick from the internal sdcard
also your path to your external sdcard does not seem to be correct…
you can find out the correct path after using the AvailableStorageDirectories method from the file extension App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


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@Taifun I just want to delete " /0 " from the default path generated by the extension, from the source code …

This is, of course, with the permission of its owner @vknow360