QrGO awesome UI qr scanner

Nice UI.
Looks like a little bit like iOS :smiley:


Thank you @Mika

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Ohh. Nice and the UI is Very Good.

Yes :grin:

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That’s always the goal in my apps, and I fail miserably. :frowning_face:


Get inspiration from dribbble.com

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That isn’t the problem for me. Let’s not hijack this topic.

I personal like there control center at the screen.
But don’t let go off topic :smiley:


Instead you can try for better design. :wink:

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When promoting Youtube videos, they must be in English.

Sorry, but I think majority is from India.

That’s alright, but the community rules say that:

Doesn’t matter. There exist rules.


@Sherpuraala is this app free to publish to the Play Store?
@Xoma did exactly that:

And of course, with ads :unamused:

@Mateja Thanks for providing me the information.
But I provide the aia files for the beginners who want to learn something with the help of the awesome platfprm called Kodular.
But some of users like @Xoma misuse these files make them their’s.

And @Xoma you not even added attribution to me. I don’t say don’t use my aia files but use them for personal purpose not commercial purpose.

I think community needs to take action againt copy cats.

I think this fits you well @Xoma :arrow_down:

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(post withdrawn by the author)

Undelete that post :arrow_double_up:

Which one :arrow_up:


I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but users can still download the aia file from that blog-post link without subscribing to your channel and it’s related notifications. So just to let you know, its not compulsory that the user downloading the aia file is compulsorily subscribing to your channel. And once the aia file is in market you loose the control over it


Just found on youtube, someone is republishing it, i reported it!!

Daily 20$ :rofl::rofl: