Query about android level

I want to ask something please someone reply
Suppose kodular not supporting android 11 means it’s support android 10
And i made apps form kodular and many user downloaded my apps.
So please tell me android 11 users can download my app .
If they can download and use my app so what’s the meaning of maximum android 10 supporting meaning
Please someone clear my doubts please​:pray::pray:

Read here

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I can’t understand

Did you read it ? Which part don’t you understand ?

Kodular targets SDK30


there is no such meaning
probably you are talking about the min sdk?
if yes, usually you like to support as much as Android versions as possible and not only Android 11…



Show why play store every time want new version, when android 10 s app is capable for android 11 or 12 s users?

in short: because it is Google’s store and therefore Google can define the rules

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