Question about TinyDB

When I have more than 2000 values, should I use only one tinydb and change the tag or use different types of tinydb (TinyDB1, TinyDB2 ,TinyDB3,…)

Probably won’t make any difference, your data is all sorted in the same place.

TinyDB1 and TinyDB2 (etc.) will use the same data area. You need to work with and change namespaces to segregate data (even though it is all very much in the same database)

I mean will it become a heavy application when I use one TinyDB or do I have to differentiate

As previously stated, all your tinydb data is stored in much the same place, so whether you store 2000 values in 2000 tags in one tinydb namespace, or 1000 values in 1000 tags twice in two tinydb namespaces, you are still using the same storage space. However, searching/iterating through half the tags will save some time, unless you have to load all your tags, in which case not much is gained.

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