TinyDB namespace

If I use 6 TinyDB components & 6 Namespaces for each database then will that create 6 different folders for my app within a device ? or a Single folder for the app & 6 subfolders ?
It may sound stupid cause I have never seen anyone using 6 TinyDB components. Will there be any issues if I use that many DBs ?
This is for a lock system I implemented in my app. I have to store the same tag & value for multiple categories. There may be other ways to do it (like using a list). But this method seems straight forward & easy to deal with (for someone who’s not so experienced).

Don’t use multiple TinyDB. Use only one Tiny DB.

Suppose you have to store student’s name with name tag and teacher’s name with name tag. What you can do is:

i) For storing teacher’s name: Use “T-Name” as tag.
ii) For storing student’s name: Use “S-name” as tag. :slight_smile:

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That’s not how it works for my app. It’s lock system & not that easy (for me atleast). So what’s the problem if we use multiple TinyDB components ?

Nothing will happen. You can use multiple components. But that’s not a good practice.

If it is possible to manage in single component then you should prefer with single component.


Using Multiple TinyDB does nothing. It’s just like river and its tributaries because at last everything will be saved in one Database. That’s it. All the other TinyDB will be able to retrieve it. :slight_smile:


Are you doing that to change namespaces?
If yes, then TinyDB namespace can be changed by using blocks

Below post will help you to clarify any misunderstandings about tinydb and namespaces

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