Question regarding One Signal Notifications


does it matter on what screen I place the One Signal component? Does this screen need to be opened at least once for the notifications to appear or is the code for One Signal loaded when the app starts, no matter on what screen the component is?

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Its must to set subscription on screen1.


If it is on screen1, it will work properly otherwise not.

Not needed.

When you send notification from one signal, it will deliver to the app when it is connected to internet.

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Thanks @The_K_Studio!

What I want to do is to is change the subscription status from a settings screen other than Screen1. So, I need to store in a database whether the user wants notifications and then the user needs to open Screen1 again before the settings can take effekt?

Because when the component is on Screen1 I cannot use the block for changing subscription status on another screen.

Do you get what I mean?

When user change settings to turn off notifications, store value (device id) to online database, and from one signal manually drop this user from receiving notifications.

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It will be a hectic work to do. :sweat_smile:

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That’s a great idea! But is it the best? Are there alternatives easier than this suggestions and my work-around?

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I think there is no other alternative to do that.

You can give a try by using one signal on screen2 and when user turn off notifications set subscription to false.

When you send notification from one signal, set segment to only subscribed users.

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Thanks for reaching back! Do you know if this will result in users receiving the notifications twice?

If not, I’ll try and keep you posted :slight_smile:

When user re enable notifications from settings, then again set subscription to true.

May be this works.

It doesn’t

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