Questions regarding Google Play Games

I have two questions related to the Google Play Games component.

  • Till now whatever I read says that I need a Google Play Console account to generate the app ID and stuff…, for that I need to pay a 25$ fee (which I’ll be anyway paying to put the app on Play Store). But after paying the fee, will I have to pay anything else to use Google Play Games?

  • Does the Play Games sign in block support Firebase, i.e if I use the sign-in block of Play Games, will the user get signed into Firebase too?

I think yes

Thanks for the reply Sumit.
I have seen the option to enable Play Games in Firebase and that’s why I asked whether the Play Games block work with Firebase or not.

That is I am not understanding

Will this block

If I use this block to sign my users to Play Games, will it also happen in FB?

I think no your userdata will stored in google play games website for more info watch this video

Doesn’t help :frowning_face:

Can someone who has used Play Games help me out please.