Random Quote but without deleting previous record

Hi All,

I am trying to learn create a simple quotes app which will show random quote every time users opens the app from the list of quotes. So far, i am able to implement showing random quote when I click on Next. But if I click on Previous button, a different quote is shown, since I am deleting the quote from the list to avoid duplication.

I also think I might be wrong to load the screen again once the list gets empty but I can’t think of any other way to reload the list. Could you suggest or guide me on how I can do this.

Appreciate your help.

You might be do this
Step 1:
When user click on next button then store that iteam in tiny db . And also make the variable. and attached it 0 as a index
Step 2:
when user click on next then add one in that variable ( store index ) . And when user click on previous then minus this by one and use that as a index
Hope this may help or this may work
If you done then share the blocks with others

Thanks for replying. Somewhere I have read that there is just one data store per app. So I am already using tinydB component for storing other text data. I am not sure if I will be able to implement this solution.

There is a local bank on the user’s smartphone and banks on the web.
Store these quotas, if necessary, in tinydb too.