Rating Bar Extension requirement

I want to share something with you
We have the rating bar component but it does not has the property like hight and width , size of the stars , etc
I sawa some post about this on community in which Mika said that it may be possible in the eagle update . So I created this topic to remind Mika about this

And if someone is free make the extension with these properties

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You can created you own Rating Bar more customizable. Please see this, may be help
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I think you taifun take my topic wrong . I created this to remind Mika and told someone an idea for extension :grin:

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Sharing or doing discussion based on Deephost extensions are not allowed in community.
As he do not provide support for his extensions.

No need to make an extension use images like rating bar… I have made it… And soon am going to launch in marketplace category


How did you did please tell me

By extension it will be a bit easy

sorry, I’m just reading your thread the first time… why should I take it wrong?
and if you want to remind someone about something, then you might want to write a PM (Personal Message)

I think they will not see as once I read Peter post that he does not read pm message

Look my message (PM) no is easy way but possible and you can customize all, video is in Hindi languaje.

But till the time an extension is not made you can use images

How did you do that?

Using Images

If it’s not too much to ask, could you show me en bloc? I use variables to store the number in the list.

I no longer have that project but it’s simple to do so, use a label set font to material icons and set text to star

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