Reading airtable line

Hello all.

I have a small problem.
I want to display line 2 of airtable in order, starting from HF1 up to and including HF12.

But the display is out of order!
However, I do say to take the indexes in order for the labels.

Why ?

thank you

Use get all row method + use dictionary method to convert JSON values to. List

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Yes dictionary answers my request, but in my case I don’t want all the lines. I just want line 2 from HF1 to HF12 inclusive.

thank you

Use row method but you will not get result always in same order. There may disorder.

BTW if you want the values of specific user or specific row then use query method

Busy using like this logic

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that is not a viable alternative, if you have a thousand records with 50 columns each, the delay would be terrible.

It depends upon what you are calling. Calling the whole data is always equal to calling one by one column… also we can achieve it with minimum blocks . Already tested . And no more delay

What I do is create an extra column where I concatenate all the data in the row in the order I’m going to use it, then just call that row/column and it returns the data in the order it was concatenated, no change. then I perform a single query minimizing data traffic and in almost immediate time.
Everyone implements their own solutions

Hello all,

Indeed the ROW method makes a list out of order.

I cheated, I changed the index order for my answers in the tags.

After several tests, it works.

The day that for some reason a column has to be added or removed, the problem will repeat itself.
As I mentioned, each one with its solution

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