Reading volume control, how?

Is it possible to turn on the timer when the user starts adjusting the volume?

I need to adjust the sound in the application and I would like to react to the level changes made in the system.

Don’t know if this extension helps.



I use this extension, but that’s not what I mean.
The problem arises when I want to have a slider reacting to changes in the volume level
and I use the same slider to regulate this volume level.

Perhaps you can have two sliders, and make one invisible when the music starts,

The user wont know it is a different one.

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You can do this:

when Slider1.PositionChanged {
  if (musicPlaying) {
    set Slider1.ThumbEnabled(false);
    // Adjust slider position with volume
  } else {
    set Slider1.ThumbEnabled(true);
    // Allow change of volume

Here’s a block example:

Now all you have to do, is change musicStarted to true when the music is playing and false when it’s not. But, you’d have to do that.