Red Arena - V:10.4 | Car Battle Game Aia File

Red Arena is a car battle game where you have to fight with competitive bots (opponent) using your cars , airdrop attack and more.
Here is a demo video of game :

Key Features:

  1. Competitive Bot
  2. 4 maps, 7 cars and 4 planes (more can be added easily)
  3. Weekly Mission Tab
  4. Blast animations and Status(Critical,Awesome,etc)

Can be used as:

  1. A Car Battle Game
  2. Bey-blade Battle Game
  3. Human/Monster Battle game and planes as their beast special attack
  4. Plethora of other things , based on your creativity

Battle with other cars, Customize and Buy your warrior cars, upgrade, and fight, unlock attack cards, strengthen your fanbase, and many more in this car battle - Red Arena game.

APK (Latest Version) : start (4).apk - Google Drive

Playstore Link (Little bit old version) :

Those who are interested to buy the Aia file are requested to PM me


Wooh nice one, share a apk so users can try the Game.

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Yes , gonna upload a demo video of game and apk within minutes.

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Well, Idea behind it is good, but you could soften the animations a bit.

Also one suggestion: make the life of both players visible better. Improve UI. That’s it. Nice game though.



Thanks for your suggestions

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Amazing. Nice idea
As yoshi said

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How to soften the animation ?? what does it mean ?

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I got it now. It can be easily done by decreasing clock timer as it will increase animation fps(frame per second) . I have made it 20fps , will make it 24fps in next update or one can do it himself/herself according to his/her taste.


Animation made smoother in new version

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i am intested in the app


Hi please email me here for giving the aia file as I dont know how to messege personally



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How to buy and new fechar added rate

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how to download the aia of this game

This is a paid aia