Red Arena - V:10.4 | Car Battle Game Aia File

Red Arena is a car battle game where you have to fight with competitive bots (opponent) using your cars , airdrop attack and more.
Here is a demo video of game :

Key Features:

  1. Competitive Bot
  2. 4 maps, 7 cars and 4 planes (more can be added easily)
  3. Weekly Mission Tab
  4. Blast animations and Status(Critical,Awesome,etc)

Can be used as:

  1. A Car Battle Game
  2. Bey-blade Battle Game
  3. Human/Monster Battle game and planes as their beast special attack
  4. Plethora of other things , based on your creativity

Battle with other cars, Customize and Buy your warrior cars, upgrade, and fight, unlock attack cards, strengthen your fanbase, and many more in this car battle - Red Arena game.

APK (Latest Version) : start (4).apk - Google Drive

Playstore Link (Little bit old version) :

Those who are interested to buy the Aia file are requested to PM me


Wooh nice one, share a apk so users can try the Game.

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Yes , gonna upload a demo video of game and apk within minutes.

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Well, Idea behind it is good, but you could soften the animations a bit.

Also one suggestion: make the life of both players visible better. Improve UI. That’s it. Nice game though.


Thanks for your suggestions

Amazing. Nice idea
As yoshi said

How to soften the animation ?? what does it mean ?

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I got it now. It can be easily done by decreasing clock timer as it will increase animation fps(frame per second) . I have made it 20fps , will make it 24fps in next update or one can do it himself/herself according to his/her taste.

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Animation made smoother in new version