Rejected application : REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission

I recently submitted an update to google play, but it was rejected because I am using the following permission: android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES

I have already located the permission in the manifest.xml file but I don’t want to delete it just like that.

Reviewing previous versions, I have been using that permission for about a year and it even caused me problems in Google Play.

I already reviewed previous versions and their notes and I don’t see important modifications that could include that permission.

I reviewed components and extensions and I consider that no extension needs that permission.

previously I used the component In-app Update, but in the last update I removed it thinking that this would solve the problem with the permission.

I did a test with a different apk, add the component, check the manifest.xml and the permission was not included, I guess it is not needed.

Do you know of any native kodular component that needs that permission?

Well example of Self-contradictory statements. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, let’s see what Google says about it:

Google Play restricts the use of high risk or sensitive permissions, including the REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission, which allows an application to request installing packages. Apps targeting API level 26 or newer must hold this permission in order to use Intent.ACTION_INSTALL_PACKAGE or the PackageInstaller API. To use this permission, your app’s core functionality must include:
Sending or receiving app packages, AND
Enabling user-initiated installation of app packages.
If your app does not meet the requirements for acceptable use below, you must remove it from your app’s manifest in order to comply with Google Play policy.

Well, what I mean is that in the manifest file I already found the permission line, but I don’t want to remove it just like that, I would like to know which component uses that permission before removing it directly in the manifest file.

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Remove a component or extension, build the project, then check the manifest… is the permission still there? Remove the next component or extension etc until you found it …
Let us know what you find out…



I found the component that includes that permission. @bodymindpower

Captura de pantalla_20221127_101144

Reviewing in Google Play Console, the versions that had been sent, I found the date when that permission was included in the manifest.xml file

Looking in my extension repository I found an extension with a download date similar to the release date of the project with the new permissions.

add the extension to a test file and surprise, here it is:

For now I will look for an alternative to that extension, but if I am left with the doubt, if permission is necessary to obtain the ASD.

just download the latest version of that extension


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