Remove item from another list with condition

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I need help with this, since I am eating my head, and I can not find the solution.

I have two lists, one of them with names, and the other with letters “x” and “n”.

What I am trying to do is remove the items from the named list that match the “n-indexed” from the named list.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it doesn’t work for me.

You’re using ‘n’ as an index. The index should be a number. Use ‘index in list’ of elemento as the index. But this would not work if you have the same letter more than once. If you want every name removed for every n in the letters list then use a count variable which increments by 1 with each run through the for loop and use that as the index.


blocks (3)

sorry for badly worded explanation here is the blocks

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Add an index in list block as @Saezy said.


use these blocks at the place of remove item index

blocks - 2020-12-01T102035.570

Perfect!!! Many thanks. @Saezy

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