[REQUEST] Crypto Market Tracking

Hello, I want an application where I can see Crypto Values ​​using API. I shared a picture. This will be enough for me.

Delivery: All documents required for it to work as intended.
1-) “.aia” with Kodular supported.
2-) All materials and extensions, if any.

Pricing, I don’t know what the value of such a request is. I would appreciate it if you could give feedback about price and delivery time.

Payment, I live in Turkey and I have 2 options to send money to other countries.
1-) Western Union
2-) USDT(TRC20)

Site Note;
All documents and information archives do not help me, as I do not speak English. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to have enough experience to do such an application. That’s why I wanted to open a topic like this. If trading is prohibited, I apologize and ask you to delete the thread.

After creating a first version of the app, they do not care to respond anymore for more than a week now.

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very annoying…

it’s very easy to do. api is optional. you can parse the site. tomorrow i will make you free

for this task APIs are very much not optional. They need up to date price data.

This why you have to use an api. How else would you know the latest prices?

That’s an example. auto-update data every 5 seconds. aia file attached to understand the principle of work

it’s not api

aia removed by Mod - violating site’s terms of use

Then, where do you get the data? Guessing it every 5 seconds?
If you get the information from a third party website then you have 2 options.

  1. calling an api or scraping information from a website.
  2. Connect to a websocket and you get update every time it changes.

more questions?

Note that many sites consider webscrapping illegal, violating its terms of use

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Still don’t understand why can’t use a free api and get faster result and use less resources. That was my argument

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Вот почему вы должны использовать api. Как еще вы могли бы узнать последние цены?

I did aia to show him that it is possible to get data from the internet without using the api.

I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. Try to read before you write :slight_smile:

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you deleted the message where you said it

You see. You forgot to read again. I posted the same message underneat the deleted post. The only reason it was deleted is because I wanted to add quotation to it.

You can scrape from website but here is the bottleneck.

They can change the website source code any time and your app stops working.
Scraping info from website uses more memory and processor.

For the api.
Multiple exchanges offer free api to get the latest price and they are up to date.

I just suggested what is logical

I think this can help:

please upload aia file. please