Request: previous release Site

when Kodular releases new builds of there system i love to see new features and all .

but with major bugs like the one in 1.4D.0 keeping us for doing any coding for days
since all we get is compile errors .

it would be nice in the future if kodular would have a backup site of the previous version
running for a week or 2 after each release . that way there would be no down time for anyone .

they could do something like
or something to that effect .

just an idea to help with bugs and downtime .


@BetaKoders try the update one or two weeks before the launch day to find bugs and errors. But we aren’t robots, so we can’t find all in this time :wink:

I think it isn’t necessary to do it

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Not Necessary no . but could be useful to some people .

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Thank you for your suggestion. We understand that all new versions of Kodular are bound to have bugs, because it is impossible for a small developer team like ours to test for every edge case of our 500k koders. What we lack in rigorous testing we make up for in quick patching of these bugs and issues. We hope to publish a release that resolves these compiler and package problems as soon as we can.

Coming to your request, we know it is desirable to have two (or more) versions of Kodular running side-by-side. However, at this stage, it is simply not practical for us to do so given the complexities involved in migrating users’ projects from one version to another. It is also not possible to “downgrade” projects from a newer version to an older one as it will break all components, and consequently, your entire project.

Given these technical constraints, we will not be hosting more than one version of Kodular simultaneously anytime soon. For now, unfortunately, the only solution is to wait till the issues are resolved on our end.


Just a respectful observation here Brian:
Bugs after updates happen to even the biggest software companies. You name it (Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.) The only difference with them and Kodular is that they have teams of dozens of developers dedicated almost 24 hs. to fix those bugs as fast as possible. While Kodular, doesn’t have that facility (yet). So when you decide to base your apps in a platform like Kodular, implicitly you are assuming the risk of having to wait longer for a fix. There’s no other option here. You can rant all day long, but that’s the reality. So please be patient. This doesn’t happen so often that you need to lose your cool and I’m sure the developers don’t want anyone mad either.


You guys are really wound tight .

nobody was ranting . i just made a great suggestion . well what i thought was a great suggestion .

you just took it as ranting .

im sorry if i dont speek your language .

but i was not ranting .

last i checked this was the correct catagory for request .
is my request not equally of value ?

With that message you have dropped that the @Kodular staff and the @BetaKoders do not care about the people who make their apps on this platform, and it may seem an offense … :confused:

where did i say that ?
i did not say anything about staff not caring .

you may have taken it the wrong way

all that meant is it would be a very nice gesture to people that depend on it .

it makes it very hard to communicate between cultures and countries since
southern english and real english is taken 2 different ways .

you can delete it all if it offends you and ill try not to post anymore
since my messages are taken out of context .

i dont know any other way to speak .

You are taken my messages out of context too :upside_down_face::sweat_smile:
Don’t worry, I understand your messages but thinks that they can be taken out of context by some people :wink:

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:grimacing: :grinning:agreed … very hard to communicate . it like we are all on a thin line of battle or friends…

i think long and hard each time i post worried if im wording incorrectly .

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someone just delete this thread . it serves no value for the community .

Nobody deletes it :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I’ve had to update my iOS apps a lot since iOS 13. So far there are 17 updates for iOS 13. There has never been such a buggy iOS version from Apple. Sometimes you had to wait a long time for some bugfixes.

This also happens to the really big players.


True :joy::joy::joy:

agreed . but if you ever decide to do such . just dont bring any user projects in the backup and allow only imports that was previously exported to be imported on backup site . i realize it wont happen . just saying that there is always a way .

you guys keep up good work . this thread was only meant as an idea . not to make you feel pressured .


No problem at all. The ranting part wasn’t because of you personally, but more like a general thing every time a bug pops up. I should’ve probably say “we can rant all day” instead. Sorry about that.