Feedback: Focus on scaling the Dynamic Component's usability

I don’t have a problem here, just wanting to give a suggestion :slight_smile:

Over the years of my Kodular experiences, I am more than familiar with all the components in this platform (or at least most of them).

Here, I’m urging the the kodular development team to scale and build up on the dynamic components, it has great potential and it’s one of the best feature after the update!

The only Dynamic Component that doesn’t seem limited is the Dynamic Card View. It’s pretty well built, I have to say.


Others, the Dynamic Components are still quite limited, such as:

  • Not possible to Dynamically arrange Horizontally
  • Font Type cannot be changed? (It’s really important if developers want to maintain consistency)
  • Unable to set padding/margin to Dynamic Labels or Buttons (Not even with Decoration Utilities)

The power of Dynamic Components are huge! I would love to praise the team and appreciate their effort! I hope my suggestion is heard, thank you very much :smile:

Best Wishes,

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Have you tried Dynamic Components extension :point_down:

You can create almost every component like button, label, arrangements, card view, etc with it

Moreover, there is also a Dynamic arrangements extension to create a an arrangement dynamically.

Give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Thanks so much for your research :slight_smile:
But I’ve already looked into that. Awesome tool! I was just suggesting that Kodular should scale on their Dynamic Components :+1:

Oh ok… Hope you have a wonderful experience koding here… :slightly_smiling_face:

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DynamicComponents extension can create almost all components… so…
I would suggest @Kodular to focus on

  1. More components
  2. Some components have limited features (Eg: Firebase Authentication component doesn’t have Facebook Login)
    Prefer to avail all features of SDKs
  3. Minimize the number of bugs before Realeases
  4. Why Kodular apps have a minimum size of 5 MB?

And Finally I would like suggest @Kodular to Rebuild Kodular from Scratch… So it will be completely bug free…

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Its not as simple as you think.

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Welcome to neverland…


It is better than fixing bugs one by one in for long time even then some bugs remain and some bugs conflict other app activity…
Community is being filled with bug topics this times

It takes times… but its better… So @Kodular becomes bug free and a powerful builder

If staff has less time to do it, I would like to suggest to hire freelancers who Rewrite the code from scratch

You may get laugh about my words and seems as expectation…

But @Kodular will have a bright future by taking this step…
Kodular can do it…

Thank You… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Every working software has bugs. The bugs can be related to UI, Technical bugs, Functional, etc. Infact having bugs isn’t a bad thing. It becomes a problem only when the bugs are in more numbers or the bug hinders the main functionality of the software for which it is being developed.
Even well reputed apps(not taking the name here) also has bugs. The only thing is the bugs are solved as soon as they are surfaced and before they get noticed by majority of people. Now this doesn’t means they have to build the app from scratch again just for the sake of solving the bugs.

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Could you stop tagging Kodular in your posts. It is very irritating for the developers. They read all the posts so you don’t need to tag them.


Ok… Peter

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