How to reduce app/screen loading time? I am using lots of components. Load time is 5-6 seconds without image assets, only components in kodular

So, My screen/app takes 5-6 seconds to load using built in kodular splash screen without any image assets. So this is a load time of components I am using in kodular.
components I am using. Multiple webviews, multiple horizontal vertical scroll arrangements, buttons, labels, text box, etc.

is there a way I can reduce screen loading time?

How many are we talking about, when we say multiple? :eyes:

Too many components can slow down your app a lot, and you usually don’t need as many components as you think you do! :smile:

If you share more details about your app (why you are using multiple components, how you are using them…) it will be easier to help. But even with what information you have provided, I can recommend you try to reuse components. Change properties while the app is running, instead of using completely separate components.

one vertical scroll arrangement has, around 18 horizontal arrangement. 9 horizontal arrangements for title and other 9 for contents, out of with 7 are horizontal scroll arrangements.

then I have been using mutliple webview, around 8 of them, however, I can try to reuse then but, I believe it will be complicated.

also around 90 image and 90 label components, however total image asset is less than 1mb and loading speed is 5-6 secs without any images.

kindly suggest a way to fix it.

also there are around 70 cards.

You have waaay too many components in there. Is everything visible at the same time? If not (and I don’t think all of those are on-screen at all times) please try to recycle components. :sweat_smile:

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it is inside vertical scroll. so when you scroll it is visible, all the components.
there might be some way around this

With this many components, you should look into dynamic components. Load the components in relatively small batches, whenever the user reaches the end of the scroll arrangement. Don’t load everything from the get-go.

hey I am completely new to dynamic components can share some guide or tutorials??

Search on the community. There are many resources about loading data dynamically. :smile:

I found this page. Is it helpful?

Yes; it is a very powerful extension. :slight_smile:

do you have telegram or any channel where I can ping you?

I do, however for queries like this it’s better to search and ask in the community. If you ping me personally, only I get to help. Whereas here, everyone can contribute. Cheers.


just search “dynamic kodular” on YouTube. you will find lots of tutorials

Thats right, but I can learn something from your experience. And from what I understand I will have to create the app from scratch. A quick guidance from you would be helpful.

Kindly share your telegram channel link or any other social midia that you would prefer to connect.

Upon doing little research work, I learned I will have to create some spreadsheets, on firebase or airtable? to use dynamic component. Can I use google sheets for this purpose?

What are the limitations of free plan? I only have to create sheets, so if I use firebase, how many queries my app can send in a day something like that…

P.S - I am very to this concept.

Not necessarily. The blocks and the data can be hard-coded and can work offline as well.

I’m afraid I don’t have any up-to-date tutorials or templates using dynamic components. :sweat_smile:

ok I have a question.

you know the kind of app arrangement I have.

So my question to you is, when I use dynamic component, do I need to use airtable, firebase, google sheets. Or I can make use of “make list component” of kodular.

If I use make list component, then in that case I will have around 70-150 lists of images, cards, title, etc. so it will be aorund 909090 lists.

Also can make multiple Webview using dynamic component?

Now my concern is, if I re create the app using this method, will it crash again because of using ‘make list component feature’

Kindly guide if you have understood the scenario