Expert opinion required - Will my app crash if I use multiple dynamic compnoments?

So I had recently built an app where I used more than 70 cards, images, labels, etc. So it was 707070 and when I tested it my app got crashed.

Now I am rebuilding the app with dynamic components. My major question and concern is, will my app crash if I used multiple dynamic components?

and upload multiple excel sheets to import data? excel sheet total size wont cross more than 100kb.

No, if you are using dynamic components your app not crash.

Sorry, i am not expert, the problem may be(i guess) before uploading the content from excel to dynamic compound if it receives any property there is chance also if property doesnot figured correctly there may be a chance.

any property in the sense? property of cards, images?
I will be importing image paths, label text names, and download links thats it

Also is there a way to load webview with dynamic component?

May be… crashing mean? what sort or if possible can you show screenshot?, in our community plenty of experts are there in dynamic cards and view. If post with some screenshot you will get solution soon

My app crashed in the send complete black screen for 2-3 seconds. And this happened without using dynamic component.

I havent tried it with dynamic component. I will try now. Only that in my requirement I may use multiple dynamic components, may use 10-15, so asking in the community, it may crash the app?

can you tell me if we can create webview using dynamic components?

Yes. Please refer this one

If you are using multiple dynamic components then why dont you use some extension?, this will help you

Thank you for your valuable response, much appreciated.

  1. I want to create dynamic components of webview of kodular component. Custom webview is a really nice extension but it has few issues, like it does not open new window. if you know a code to fix it kindly share.

  2. I know how to use dynamic components of kodular but dont know how to use this extension. searched on youtube but couldnt find a nice guide. .if you have an aia kindly share.

  3. also I am planning to upload csv sheet in assets section and load it using by using text box and adding path to it, is it right kindly correct if wrong.

Thanks in advance
your response is much appreciated.

1&2 i will try my level best

  1. Yes possible

thank you for your valuable support.

I am have question, that makes me curious -

google sheets is free to use. But if we load data from google sheets then how many queries or app request can google sheet address ? like everytime a user opens an app, a request will be sent. so there might be some limit.

  1. Usage Limits  |  Sheets API  |  Google Developers

  2. What Should I Do If I've Reached the Google Sheets Data Limit? | Tiller Help Center

Hi thank you for your valuable response.

I will be using google sheets share link and not API, so does this information apply to the google sheets link as well?

Free plan only it is.