Too many buttons and labels on one screen?

Hi. I need help with my app. I am creating an application where I need to have very many buttons and labels and vertical and horizontal arrangements in the designer on one screen. And the problem is, I don’t even want to load the application in kodular anymore so I can continue programming. Can you please advise me what to do about it? I can’t have fewer buttons and labels. I need them all. And when I split it into the next screen, it takes about 10 seconds to switch the screen in the app from scrren 1 to screen 2. Thank you for your advice.

Better Programming Is Less Components And Logics & Comprehensive .
You Can Use Dynamic Components Or Extension Create It Dynamically So It’s Improve Your Application Speed


This extension and helped a lot

This link, you will find in Show Projects several examples. One of them may help you.


Very thanks for your advice.

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Welcome @gruntaroman.
Your doubt will be resolved with the extension mentioned above.

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It helped me a lot. It’s great to create components dynamically. But I came across the problem that for any components for any label it is not possible to choose the FONT BOLD OPTION. Will you advise me with this please. Thank you.

Maybe that :

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Thank you very much.

Avoid more than one question on a topic. Your question 1 was “how to solve the problem of many components on the screen ?” Solved? Check your solution. Then another question arose , it was right for you to do a survey in the community and not ask another question.

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