Requesting an extension

I want to create an app with Image recognizing system. Can some one share a free extension for that?
Thank you.

What do you mean with image recognizing? Can you give more details?

I mean that if I select an image from image picker I want to get a short description about the image. Like in Google lens.

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So, you want to take a picture and return a value like “chair”?

That’s it.

Ok, i will investigate and make the extension if i can

Thank you so much… :yum:

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It will take time and will be hard to do, probably it will not even be possible, but i will try…

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Ok. No problem…

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I tried that Microsoft Extension. But I don’t know how to work with it…

I have put a document on how to use it

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I can’t find it. Can u plz send me the link?

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I checked it. But it cannot use with kodular like thunkable. It need a server key…

Look Extension

Or this

Or This



Thanks. I will try.

search for available extensions in the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


I checked and tried them. But not working…