Requests for WebViewer and Web components

Accepting requests for the next update (Christmas update)

they can be?

  • custom css
  • custom tabs

Hello, you can always check out my Dynamic Style extension, which allows to apply custom CSS on a WebViewer’s displayed webpage. A link to it on App Inventor Store:

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You can get the favicon by setting an image.Picture to YOUR_URL/favicon.ico e.g

I dont think that is the right way. Because the dev can rename favicon.ico, right?

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Correct. Every dev can it name how he want.
So this is no solution for all pages.

As example:
Does not work.

I donnu if it possible to get the HTML of the current page, because then you can parse the meta-tag out of it

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I tried it with but it does not show the correct favicon.

Yes, sure he can but most websites still use this because it guarantees favicons to work in internet explorer. The method is now deprecated.
Maybe this is not working only at Makeroid :wink:

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That’s not true…

That tag guarantees that it works in all browsers

This doesn’t work in old IE

A little question then…

Who uses (old) IE? :sweat_smile:


As @Sander suggested, I also think it would be great if we could get the HTML content from the current page open in the webviewer.


In next release, to use WebViewString, you can access it with window.Makeroid object rather than window.AppInventor. If someone wants it to be preserved, then reply here, else it will be renamed.

yes, I would recommend urgently to keep the existing name "AppInventor"
Makeroid is an App Inventor distribution, so why everything changing from App Inventor to Makeroid?
You want to attract developers from App Inventor and other platforms… so why do you want to make it more complicated as necessary to do the switch? (and btw. back again)

this will break all existing WebViewString examples for Makeroid, for example these App Inventor Tutorials | Pura Vida Apps

see also this discussion

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One reason is because there will be new JS interfaces coming in the next release.

Is there a way that we can handle both?
window.AppInventor & window.Makeroid

yes, we will test

Its simple just add another JavaScript interface called AppInventor while keeping Makeroid too…