Responsive Problem

Olá pessoal,
Meu app apresenta correto em alguns celulares e com tela desconfigurada em outros, já tentei de todas as formas solucionar e não conseguo.

Alguém em ajude.

Please keep talking in english here in the community.Another languages aren’t allowed.Kindly translate your topic

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Official language of community is English so post your question in English language only.

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English :
“Hello people, My app is correct on some phones and with a disfigured screen on others, I’ve tried to solve it in every way and I can’t. Somebody help.”


Responsive Problem :



Ok, I’ll try.

My Screen1 is responsive and my screens are in percentages, but the problem remains.

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Thanks for the strength, I will test.

Send a print of the block where you make the adjustments.

You can use this Extension. That’s Awesome & easy to use.