Reverse list problem

I have 26 row in my air table database. When user visit first app only 1 list row will be visible in list view. This will change the number of list as how many times the user visit the app.

If a user visit 10 times the app will show 10 row of my database to him. I want to show the 10th row first. Means these 10 row in database want to reverse to the user.

What I tried

I stored the app visits in a tinydb. And max record want to get by airtable is set as this number.


when i run app only one problem when i click first element in list view it showes the last elements’s data.

no login in appp

Please search before asking:

i don’t understand anything from above i tried this but not working

There is already many topics about reversing lists.You can see them instead of starting a new one.