Right path of a video to make video_player working

Are you sure that author wants to play video from app’s private storage directory?
I don’t think so.
Anyway , we are not playing a guessing game so we should stop replying to this topic until author answers our questions.

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Yes he must first tell us clearly what he wants to do.

Hi everybody

I want to make an app. with no video inside the apk.
Then the user can ask for video watching. In this case, the video is downloaded in the phone and visualised. it is downloaded so that when the user wants to watch it again, the video is at his disposal without having to download it.

I was testing this function but did not find the way.

The directory is just for testing and I am open to change it. If the download can be made in the app assets directory it is fine for me.

Am I clear ?
Thanks for helping

Thank you so much
It is working with your suggestion !!!


The directory of the download is crazy :
Don’t know why but it is working.

@jytar then mark it as solution

A small reminder:

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