Right path of a video to make video_player working

Hi everybody,

I have been fighting quite a while to make video_player working but as far as I understand I don’t give the right source path to video_player which always says “Error 701 - unable to load null”.

Anyone can help me, please ?

I downloaded the video in a directory : /Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4
And I was able to check that it is here.
Then I used the following source path for video_player :
• /Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4
• Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4
• File:///Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4
• File://Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4
• File:/Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4
But I have always the same error message.

Note that I put this video in this directory to try but I would prefer that the video be downloaded in the app. assets directory.

Thanks in advance

Jean Yves

I have been able to check that it is here

Save files as location is not correct and you dont need to add storage/emulated/0/.
In the save file as block just add the custom file name. Whole path is not required

Thank you for your answer.
However, I want to focus on video_player which does not recognise the location of the file.
I can see that the file exists in the directory /Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/

What source text should I put ?


try this

I think VideoPlayer uses absolute path so ’/storage/emulated/0/ + your path’ should work.


@vknow360 I think you are right

It does not work

One of this would work


@jytar Have you read my above post?

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@vknow360 I think he didn’t :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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NOPE , it does work either. Even if I put /Download/ before.

Is it a bug of Kodular. I saw many complaints but never saw an answer to my problem. :unamused:

Thank you anyway

What does not work?

why not use

file path

variable from download complete block it will sure work

Many members say that it doesn’t work but dont’t tell that what is not working :joy: :joy:

Anybody faced this problem and solved it ?

When I check if the file exists with “Call File1.Exits” and the path /Download/storage/emulated/0/essai/TEST.mp4, it works fine :

But when I use the same path with video_player I does not work !

It is a basic use and I don’t find solution, how come ?

Still need a hand…

Jean Yves

Because File component uses relative path unlike Video Player.

@jytar use this method

@vknow360 I dont get why he is using Download before storage/emulated/0

I guess he wants to save file in a sub-folder of Download folder.

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Try this: Download/TEST.mp4