Rising boxes or balloons


Here they are. Noob here. So please be patient. Ty

The screenshots are inaccessible. Try to place each screenshot in a different line. For posting blocks image :point_down:

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Oh TX for the guidance. I will post tomorrow in way u ask. I have no access to pc. All help thanks.

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hi here u go.

i hope you are abl to see it. very simple stuff right now. plese help. depending on value in text box, the text boxes must move autometci up or down. since you cant see it. there is one vertical scrol arangemnt. within this there are 3 tables. each table contains one text box and 2 buttons to add values.

ty in advanc

Saar. Below is my simple app. Six buttons. I will add a text file. What I want… Any button press must be noted in text. I does not need time stamp altho it will be nice. I will delete any data in this when ever I wanted. I’m new person so Pls patience.

Or go to this page. You’ll find link Rising boxes or balloonshttps://community.kodular.io/t/rising-boxes-or-balloons/60133/5

Please you help

I merged your topics since they are related. Double posting is not allowed on the community.

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I made a little sample. I used a textbox to display time and number and set it to multiline. You can also use the file component to write it to your sd or use a tinydb to store it.

Ty vm. Haven’t tested yet. May take some days. Pls wait. Ty

Tyvm peter siir. i named one text box as timetable. worked. but…
what is \n?
i put the whole block under "when button 1 click… "
so how i do this for each buton. how do i know which buton was presed.
ty ty ty :slight_smile:

\n means new line :slight_smile:

i have a check box. if i check on, i wants it to be checked in memory. so i put in tinydb. as
when close button click call tinydb stove value tag cb1 value to store checkbox1 checked.
on screen initializ set checkbox1 checked to call tinydb get value tag cb1
it is not hapneng. it is wrong somethning. plese help.

See below post from @ImranTariq, might help you

ty vm dora_paz. i expect to have many many many checkbxes. is there easier way. leme know. i wil try this also. ty for very fast responss

Then maybe this might work for you

hi. that very complx for me. i has gone with first one (many tanks to imrantariq and dorapaz).
now two problems. i check box. i closed app. so saved to tinydb?. now, i app open ap. check box not cheked. :frowning: it must be chked plese

another things. i has one reset buton. onse chekbox is chekd. you must not abel to unchek. only after reset. any advise plese.

yu all are jems. so elpful. ty

Please show us your blocks

when cb changed

when cb changed
when go buton is clik. it saves.
when initilzi. you knows.

i has sent only parts of its. some exetra is alsa ther. ples see.

You have to fill in all sockets! There cannot be a socket which is not connected! Why aren’t they filled out???


Aktuali my app will ned many parts. I kept to fill it. Stil is the work of pro ges. My bad. I’ll remov them. But they don’t afect I think. :slight_smile: