Run my app when open a file tipe

Can I run my app opening a specific file in a file browser? Mi Own file tipe, *.cap

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Please tell us more what you actually want? This information is not sufficient…

It was just a guiding question. Can you create an extension that can perform a function that when you install the app you can register your own file extension? for example .ccp or .xxx I understand that in the app manifest it can be done through in intent-filter. I mean, is it possible?

May be this is not my cup of tea. Please wait for pro koders reply…

I think you mean associating a file type with your application (Like VLC Player opening mp4 files)

At the moment this it is not possible

I will introduce a similar and simpler example. Is it possible that when opening a photo from the gallery or from a file browser I can use it to open with my kodular app? * .jpg, * .bmp and then, would it be possible with an uncommon extension?

not even creating an extension, or with any procedure that is capable of editing the manifest app?

Nop, isn’t possible

You will have to test for yourself but you can share files with Kodular with these new blocks


And you have to set it in the designer at