Run Time Error in My Application

I can’t understand whats wrong with my app

Please try to create a helpfull log for us:

I think you left something in blocks section…!

I mean You might have left a block undefined ! Related to arrangements

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@aravind_chowdary_in No. brother I have not left anything undefined in the block section… No Warning no Error

Only the way to find your solution.

What I would suggest is to please check, if you have leave as blank on any block which is required not to be empty.

Just try to create for us a logcat. That’s it.
Then we know for sure what’s wrong

@Mika Here it iserror.txt (735.1 KB)
Note: This is just happening in just one mobile phone. And only when I Install the app and open it for the first time. After that it works fine.

Device - Nexus 5
Api 28

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It was the device tools “Get IMEI” block which created the bug.
But I fixed it already for next release (end of this week).


Ok Thanks… I was also going to make a post about that block.

Just use my block for now :sunglasses: Until it’s fixed if you’d like.

Iam sure your block did not have the new permission system from app inventor right? :smiley:

which block ?

My IMEI one.