Runtime Error in Custom Download Extension

I am getting the following runtime error in my app

I am using the Custom Download Extension’s open direct file to install an APK after it is downloaded.
The APK is downloading Successfully but not installing
It was working in a test app but in the main app it’s giving error

Null pointer occurs if you access any method/variable of a class without initializing it. Please check if your blocks are correct.

A test App using same methods is working.
kio4_install.apk (4.2 MB)

Someone please reply

I think the error is due to is package installed block.
The runtime error is not related to custom download extension.

Bro it is working fine. The button text is already set to what it needs to be.
The button is allowed to click after the is package block perform its action as the spinning progress is dismissed after that.
BTW for now I have removed the feature to install APK directly instead I will show my users a toast that APK is downloaded and they can install it by opening downloads

Hi sir @techyguyhelp, may i ask for the Custom Download extension with OpenDirect?

If you used custom package. name than open direct file is not working…
You trying it