Runtime Error ! Please Explain Me This Bug

Hello Kodular Community I am Using Paytm Extention And I am Faceing This Runtime Error.

It’s Work Fine few Hours ago I add 2 Screen And After This Found This Bug.i use this Paytm Payment extention On Register Screen .And I try simple Block in This project on another screen Where I am just using a button when button click it’s go to paytm Payment page but still this bug on simple screen like this.

Can any one can explain this bug to me .

Show blocks and check your payment link but I don’t think so this can solve by us because error showing activity is undefined in main pest file I think it is extension error so you have to contact deep host and ask him for solution

I have used this Paytm Extention old aia. Right Now I am Re create my app.In Moriing Be before I add other screen it’s work fine .I don’t know exact cause of the error. but i once is error comes I try to create a new screen Where I just want try this extention it’s not working .but old aia use same block it’s working. acutlly my English it’s not good .hope you understand

I think we should talk in pm