Runtime error undefined, Missing can I locate the bug?

Hi, today I have this problem…

That makes it a little more difficult to troubleshoot. At the moment I am trying to get closer to the problem of inserting notifications.
Does anyone have another way for me to find the problem?
The program does not crash! et does everything as it was planned.
Greetings effixx

Maybe you can post your aia or your blocks.

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Hi Peter,
yes this could be a possible solution in this case. But ist this realy a solution. For every prob, without error code you have to contact an Moderator?
To present the blocks I first have to find the right blocks !
I’m on searching

PS: As far as my current knowledge of this software is concerned, I currently only see the option via 2 notifiers to slowly isolate the problem. But it is not very satisfactory. DoIt doesn’t really help either, since it always only shows the current final state.

No, you can put it on the community. But since it is not clear what causes your error you have to show your blocks. And maybe it is caused by an extension.

Hi Peter,
I am one step further in the search. But unfortunately I don’t get it right. Here are the blocks.

Hi Peter,
I am one step further in the search. But unfortunately I don’t get it right. Here are the blocks.
Actually, he should eject a message box twice (1 & 3), right?
But in this constellation only box (3) appears ? If I deactivate box 3, box 1 appears … how now?

It seems that these notifyers are not modal and are simply written on top of each other. But you should document that appropriately in the description.
Grüße effixx

And where are the blocks that call this Procedure (chek4store) ? Is there a loop?

All right, here’s the whole process. Whereby the fields vItemEAN, V_Lagerort and TxB_Zaehlmenge are correctly assigned. ich betätigen den Button

I press the SAVE button

ButtonBeep is only a gimmick. Then Check4Store is called.

These 3 fields are checked before they are filled. If this is the case, the system value true is returned, which is also the case. This then triggers StoreToFiles, which saves the data record in a text file. the rest is Gimmick

The only thing missing is the UpdateInfos routine …

regards Franz

Have you tried building and running the APK then getting the system logs with ADB?

No, I don’t know about this option. I 'll use Rogerio’s link and read this instruchtions to work with ADB. Do anybody see a problem on this blocks ?

blocks do not wait…
see also The model of event processing in App Inventor by Lyn
therefore you first get notifier3, then 2 then 1

as first notifier use the Show Choose Dialog block, just set the 2nd button to empty string
no further blocks below that notifier…

in the After Choosing event then display the 2nd notifier
you also can add additionally add a global variable and decide in the After Choosing event how to continue… (show 2nd notifier or 3rd notifier or …)



thx Taifun,
this explains a lot of the behavior of the try of debug.

Hi Taifun,
Show Choose Dialog shows the same behaviour than Show Message Dialog. although I use three different notifiers, the display sequence is still 3 2 1 ??


@franz1 try to remove blocks one by one and check which blocks is causing error

yes of course because you did not follow the suggestion
no further blocks below the first notifier!

@Sumit1334 you also might want to read again my previous answer to understand, why this happens and how to solve it…


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