Runtime error your app has not granted to permisson write setting


Companion or APK?

just give me 2 min i will show you what i want to say … why i cant reply ?

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Because, your TL 1 and I haven’t replied yet, or anyone else hasn’t…

how can i open this page by clicking one button my app

Yes I know what you’re talking about… But, does it take you to your app settings in your settings app on your phone?

yes but that block not usefull for me actuly most of the android user dont know how to give permisson to write settng to the app … in this condition our app is become dumb or waste … so i wan to know how i do that .

There is no other way.
Users must grant that manuel.

but some of the app work proparly even we did not grant the permisson menually how ?

The other permissions can be granted on runtime. Not “Modify System Settings”. It’s a powerful setting, and needs to be manually granted.

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Hi @Sanjay_Khatiwada i hope you will fine. I have same issue with my app.Cannot get write permission .If user have to manually enable this permission for an app then your question is very correct how user can directly reach to that option in one step. How you have done it please let me know bcz my app is almost ready only stuck on this thing.

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The same problem was discussed on thunkable -->

Unfortunatelly, there is no solution for this in makeroid/other appinventor based builders. Yet I hope:)

Of course it’s doable in java.
2 examples (there are many many more):
After installing (even before first run), you can see that this app has granted system permissions.

IMO even better solution. When user long clicks any soundbutton and chooses “dzwiek dzwonka” (“set as ringtone”), the app automagically opens the screen with option to grant permission to override system setting for this app. Exactly what we want/need to have!

At this moment, unfortunatelly I have to disable set as ringtone/notification/etc. option for now, because changing manually this option by enduser is no option at all:)


OK guys, hold on.
Already found a solution - one click leads DIRECTLY to the screen with system permission of our app.
Working on android 6.
After some testing on emulators, I’ll publish solution here in “guides” section.
Just give me few days to test on other android versions.

solution below -->


when i test my app

please help me

Did you give storage permission.

Tagging them isn’t gonna make this be seen, let’s be honest.

I’m not clear about question 'Did you give storage permission".
tiny db …?

No, on start if it’s the first time starting the app, it should have asked for a Storage Permission in order to create that directory, if it wasn’t given then you can reset your app data in your settings. If it didn’t ask, just wait for Makeroid Staff.

Yeah,i accept Storage Permission app starting time…

You do notice this is off-topic as it may deal with a write permission possibly, this is after all for another extension or Makeroid and you have granted write permission to it shouldn’t be here, create a bug report and by the morning see your results if it’s not morning now, if so check back later.