Runtime Errors empty string

an error occurred when I input the word in the textbox.
for example in the database it says (hunter23).
when I input text (hunter) only. then an error occurred.

The error says, selection of list item from tiny db is an empty string and not a list.

Either you need to store list in tiny db or remove select list item block.

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in the DB the string data is only (hunter23) when I enter a word less than the word (hunter23) for example only (hunter) then the error appears

Your blocks are wrong

As i can understand from your blocks you are trying to make login with password, if password matches then open WELCOME screen.

So to match the text box value with available tiny db entries, instead of using get value block in select list item block use tiny db get entries block and in index set index of item in list block with item text box text and list tiny db get entries.

ok thank you. this work

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