Save any tab any url

Guys, hello everyone, I have such a question, I create tabs like in this video, but when I leave the application, they are not saved to me, and the page name and the link to this site are saved there, please help

You have to post your blocks first then we can help you

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Namely which ones to throw

post those blocks that you are using to store value

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I have not done storage yet, tell me how to keep all tabs separately

How are you creating tabs?
Just store tabs name and links in tinydb and on app reopen just create them with the tinydb

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IÔÇÖll throw off all the photos about web viewing in an hour, you can help

This add New tab

And this add New card f─▒r tab

The images are not clear
Right click on blocks and click download blocks as png then upload the png of blocks

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Th─▒s add new card for tabs

Th─▒s add new custom webv─▒ew
blocks (3)
th─▒s for select any custom webv─▒ew