Save changes for each user

I am creating an app and I would like to know how to save changes made by users, for example:

I logged in with the account “Michael” and activated the night mode, when I log in again I want the night mode to be, and if I log in with another user he does not stay in the night mode unless I change this user, help me please

Hi, welcome to the community @Douglas_Santos
You can use Tiny DB component to store values …
When you app start read Tiny DB Tag:
1: If tag is empty Tiny DB you don’t show night mode.
2: If tag have some value show night mode.
You can read documentation about Tiny DB:


You can create a field in your database to store this information (night mode activated or deactivated) When logging in with name and password, check the value of this field. And in your app use an If night mode = “activated” …


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