Save image list to TinyDB thats been added with a button

Hi everyone I’m not really good at coding but I’m trying to without extensions:

  • make a new (List_View_Image_and_Text) item by clicking add button.
  • Save the items to TinyDB.
  • Have all previously added items back to screen after closing or reopening app.

my issue now is if I refresh everything is gone.

after this I will try to make the image editable by image picker.

please show me where I went wrong. Thanks.


this is wrong method of saving the image in tinyDB


you can try like this


if not you can save the image list which are used in the listview image with the text


Thank you for the fast reply, I tried your suggestion but my main concern is when I click button to add a new (List_View_image_and_Text) then I refresh the companion screen all the (List_View_image_and_Text items) are gone. is there a way to store without extensions please. Thank you again.

please see my new mess :sweat_smile:

I understand, you wanna save all the items into tinydb. If so you need to follow make a lost method…

Read here…(try to use append to list method)