Save special characters in firebase

My main TAG is CPF and it has dot and dash formatting. When I try to save from error. Are there any Kodular-compatible cloud banks (such as Firebase) that accept special characters as the main TAG?

Maybe help You :

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So, Rogerio, I had seen this in a topic here on the forum using the Web1 component that stores the string and then decodes it, but I don’t know how to use it. I’ll leave the CPF formatting code and the way I’m storing the data. Maybe you can help me.
Anyway, if there’s no way I’ll leave it without formatting.

Pls read this

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Add this block while getting and sending data


But what is happening? What is the result?

This answer was quoted above. Read the post.

Oops I did not see the post @Rogerio_Rios

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Ok guys but how do I use this web1 block in my code?

There is, Mysql, but it’s totally different: it’s SQL, it uses tables, indexes, relationships, fields.

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I’ve been thinking about it but I would stay with Firebase. I tried to use the friend’s suggestion there but I must be putting it in the code wrongly or I don’t know how to use it.

Still you are looking for suitable reply? At any cost you cannot use any special characters in tag. Whatever method you try it will end up with failure only , pls read the firebase documentation i

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I’m not looking for an easy solution just everything has a feature but anyway I take the formatting or check another feature if I have to put special character. I read the documentation and know that it is not possible to include a special character in the main tag.

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Friend, you don’t need to save the (. , -/etc) in the Any database, save only the numbers and when you are going to show them, create the formatting mask.
Recording only the digits is normal( Since Clipper 5 in 1993)


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Guys, we know that the Firebase Database does not accept dots and dash as the primary key, but is there a way to add dots and dashes to the textbox and then remove them when saving in Firebase? Do you have any examples?

it is pre written in firebase

I remember that you had the same doubt last year and got answer too

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Now moved to the old thread to refresh your memory… @Carlos_Alberto_Leonel

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