Scale Picture to fit doesn't seem to work


I have added an Image component (Fill Parent Width and Height) within a Card view component. However, the Scale Picture to fit function doesn’t seem to do anything to the image within the Card view.

Would love to know if this is a bug, or if I’ve arranged the components in a wrong way!

Thanks a Ton!

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Could you please share a screenshots of the components with Scale To Fit enabled and without? Thanks

The image below within the circle is the same i.e with Scale Picture to fit enabled and disabled.

Can you send us the original image here, please?
If you’re trying to round the corners of the image, I suggest using the image editor component as it’s more reliable

I’ve provided the original image below. However, please note that the user is free to pick any image from the gallery. Also, personally I’m not a fan of the Round function from image utilities as it does not provide a crop preview to the user.