Image size issue

I need help on image component . I have set height= 185px and weight = 95% but i am getting different result .

This is the result . I tried all possible method but it didn’t work . And i have ticked “Scale picture to fit” but also it is not working . Here is the size and designer part of image.

Set Both Height And Width In Percentage Value

Width - Fit Parent
Height - 25%

Hope You Get Good Result


I guess this is the reason!!

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I tried that but it didn’t work .

I am fetching image from airtable , so i think that is not the problem

i think the output is correct according to the set properties.

what is the expected result.

I want image width to be 95% . But when i set image width to fill parent but also it is showing same result

are you using image in a cardview

Replace Another Image I Think Issue In Image Size

or try to set it margin in (-)

I am not using cardview

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same result on other images too.

try this … using Decoration Component

Ok i will try it

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set it margin to -7

ok i will try it

didn’t work , but text move closer to image​:grin::grin:

what if, your image have white stripes on left and right.

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you miss scale to fit

try this will surely work