Appropriate component for image editor

After choosing image from image picker, when it is set to display on an image component if the image component height is set to automatic, then the image is very small, if set to fill parent then the image quality is damaged, if i use canvas background image then the image is stretched, and i want to use both image component for showing and canvas component to draw but the image is not showed in the appropriate size

try and use image editor component.not sure if it works

the problem is abt showing the image on a aprropriate component with the correct size

Have you tried with different sized images maybe the problem is caused due to the small dimensions of the image initially

yes i have tried with multiple images

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Is the image component in an arrangement with fixed dimensions?

no it is not in any arrangement and height and width both are automatic

this is not related to what i asked :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you share the .aia? If you dont mind

What’s your problem classify in one line or 2 line becoz how you tell I didn’t get it

the image picked, the sizing of it is not shown properly for images

try if like if image is landscape use that component elsse use square component
potrait is useless

Try to get Y axis and X axis value from image and set to your component

If this works then mark this as a solution. It help others who don’t know

Also tick this in the screen properties

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how does it help in sizing?? :thinking:

Just the quality.
i asked for the aia but you aint sending it so just a tip :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

@AtharvaPawar this message was not for you, :sweat_smile: i told it for @Maxtern

Ohh My Bad… Sorry

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Okay show your block’s if i can solve your problem then i will tell you