Schedule shutdown

Good could you guide me … I want to put a button that displays an options to schedule a shutdown of the app. eg put 5 min, 15 min, 30 min. how can you do that? Thank you

You mean your own app.So that is easy :wink:
Here how you can make something like that using the clock component:
Here when the user set the shutdown time:(You need to make it yourself you can use the notifier component :wink:)
set clock1.timerInterval to shutdowntime*60 000 ( minutes only ) ( can be made more accurate using getMellis block and work for hours ,seconds as well.You will need to use it with make instant from parts )
And then you will Set timerEnabled to true.

And in the timer event ( clock component )
You will set timer enabled to false and then you will close the app using the control category close application block.

but I misunderstand, would that be for one to set the waiting time until it is activated? I seek to put two or three specific times. eg put 5 min. another at 15 min and another at 30 min. q the user choose anyone

I haven’t understand you well.My method will let you schedule time so the app will close at this time.

what I would like is to be able to change the timer interval. depending on the button you press

My method will do that as well.When you change the time interval.the timer will be reset automaticly

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