Score wri̇tten to another user

Hello, I created a point system in codes, the user earns points after watching the video. When I want to experiment for testing purposes, when a user earns points, that point goes to the other user. I mean, I and my friend are two different users, I watch the video and the points I earn goes to the mate. How can I solve this problem?

Please post your blocks in order to get help from the community. See …

This sounds like an earning app and those are not allowed by Kodular. I unlist this for the moment.

My account is approved. Also, if it doesn’t allow, why is there a video watch monetization plugin?

What is that? Show a link please. I unlisted it for you to give more information of the workings of your app.

People earn by watching videos. I mean “award-winning videos”, as you said, if there is a situation that prevents us from making money, I don’t understand why there is an “Admob” plugin. Thank you for your attention.

ads are no problem. The type of app you make can be the problem. Like i said earning apps are not allowed. You let people earn points by watching videos. Chances are this is not allowed when you to monetize your app.

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I understood what he meant, but as this version is approved anyway, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem. I ask you to delete the location. I want to open a different topic with my blocks, I don’t want the system to be filled with an impasse.

Post your blocks here, i will list the topic.

These are my blocks on the point earning screen.