Screen doesn't load info from firebase

Hi, guys, I am working on a quiz project and after some editions the screen2 don’t load the questions from firebase anymore.
I don’t remember having changed any block related to firebase. I am trying to find what the problem is but I gave up doing it by myself.

At screen1 the user must press button NOVO JOGO to start a new quiz or CONTINUAR to continue the game. then the app goes to screen2 where the questions and answers should load.
for some reason I get the message NENHUMA PERGUNTA ENCONTRADA (no questions found).

I have already confirmed that the questions are at firebase and can be accessed by the app. At screen ADM the user the admin can add or remove questions. And there I can see the questions loaded.

when screen2 initialize iniciar function is called.

PS: I believe the problem is not at these blocks i made screenshots because i didn’t change them, so I am sending the .aia

PS 2: It i an open source project related created by Deivid Rothen ( YouTube ) and edited by me. if anyone wants to use the aia feel free. but when i finish the improvementss i will post it here so anyone can use, so may be better to wait.

JogoDaBiblia.aia (2,7,MB)

Edit: this .aia is working fine. QuizTemplate (1).aia (2,7,MB)

this version works fine. i couldn’t find out by myself what is the difference between the 2 aias

How about this


Edit, nopp!


Hi Boban, thanks for trying. Even if it worked it wouldn’t solve the problem because the idea is to have infinite levels so I have to get to generate and load xxxperfuntas where xxx is any number bigger than zero.

I have another aia of the base project and it is all working there. I will post it here as soon as I am back at computer. May be someone can see the difference between them.


QuizTemplate (1).aia (2,7,MB)

this version works fine. i couldn’t find out by myself what is the difference between the 2 aias

Found it, your Project Bucket mismatch

jogodabibilia adm screen
jogodabiblia screen2


jogodabibilia adm screen
jogodabiblia screen2

I kept 2 minutes looking at your post trying to understand what you were saying:joy:.

Man, thank you very very very very much. I didn’t even consider search for a problem out of the blocks.

this is not the first time you save my life hehe congratulations for being such a nice person.

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Not badly done by a half-blind person to succeed in finding what the error was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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