Can anybody tell me the mistake?

Hello, I am trying to get value from the firebase database but my application is not showing the value. I’m sharing the screenshot and aia file.image

(upload://wAQ230Y7n1w5SAOLA5XWghUpEkN.aia) (4.0 KB)

Here these two are project bucket

So no value will come

then tell me how to get these values I shared the aia file can you fix this problem?

No aia uploaded

Swaping.aia (4.0 KB)

Change project bucket to none

@dora_paz every time when you will open the project then they will automatically fill again

Thanks for help

Yes, and the workaround is to keep deleting it everytime

Once you saved the project it you no need to do again and again. but if you open this project after opening another project then that time (in occasion it may happen so). In such case at the time of screen initi set firebase project to empty.

It happens many a times after saving the project too

if so, didnt this method work?

@Ahmad_Chohan007 you have to make them empty again and again when you refresh your project

Ik that’s another workaround, but simply adds up blocks.
I make sure before compiling that all the project buckets are empty.

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