Screen Orientation Quick Flip

Well, I have. What I mean is that, before this bug, if you set the screen orientation to Portrait it was so. But now, if you start a “portrait app” with your device in landscape position it will perform a quick flip from landscape to portrait. And that’s a bad, not expected, behavior.

So, to my point of view, it’s not.


Yeah if the device is hold in portrait position everything seems to be working fine.

But if holding in landscape position & screen orientation is set to portrait, flipping behaviour of next screen is observed as you mentioned.

Device Auto Rotation Property was also locked.
Tested on Redmi Note 7 (Android 10)


I’ve done a lot of research on this topic.

I’ve found many solutions to this issue with blocks, with or without a clock.

Just for the absolute solution of this issue, I did research on the internet for weeks and discussed it with someone from here.

If I had to write my expert opinion on the subject after all these discussions and researches:

Save screen width and height in tiny and now just use tiny for screen width and height.

How many pages does your application consist of in total? more than 1?

This is too much. 1 page is enough.

I have numerous tablets and smart boards in my use for professional reasons. Applications with at least 2 pages only cause problems.

Update your old apps and games as a single page and you will see performance improvement.

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Yes, this is definitely a workaround to temporarily fix the problem if the app has only one screen and the other screens are coded into arrangements.

I use Screen1 of all my apps as Splash Screen and, normally, they have 3, maximum 4 screens including the Splash. So this bug is very apparent.

If you use tiny on every boot and turn off screen boot animations, you should still have no problems.

When an application is first opened, if there are 10 pages in the application, all 10 pages are loaded at the same time and this creates various slowdowns and crashes depending on the nature of the application. Thinking about it, do you really need that many pages?

How few pages, how little and concise code; it is the correct coding.

At the core of programming and language learning lies this basic knowledge: the simpler you are, the faster and more accurate you will learn. Complex tasks always cause problems. Every problem has a simple solution.

Do not make a multi-page application.

I’ll take your advice, thanks. However, the bug persists and should be fixed.


Reproduced Screen Orientation Flip issue even in single screen application with screen orientation set to Portrait & Auto Rotation Property locked :upside_down_face:

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This is not an important issue. Nobody cares about that. If you have a multi-screen application that is the problem, unwanted screen movements occur when switching to different screens. The solution to this is also very simple. It is necessary to turn off the animations when the screen is opening and closing, to make the background color black during screen changes, and to activate the splash screen by creating a delay of 800 ms.

Upload an aia file and we’ll fix the problem.

Well, I do! The functions should work as expected.

That’s not necessary, but thank you for offering to help.


Are you all using Android Oreo by any chance?

I have one for tests, but there has been some time I don’t use it. I have to check if it’s still working properly.

My personal is Android 11, but the bug happens in it as well.

Redmi Note 7 (Android 10)

Both Android 10 & 11

Any update on this?

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I think they are not giving attention to fix bugs…

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If this issue is not cleared, then app will not look professional, please give a working solution

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@Diego @pavi2410 Hey any update?

We have to wait eternities to get these bugs fixed .


when it will be fixed?